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New single!

New cover single from Cibola. A track by a band that has meant a lot to me over the years – Therapy? I’ve been a fan since 1992 and still am. Instead of taking one of the classics, I have chosen a song from the latest album that came out 2018. The song speaks to me as I have been depressed on and off throughout my life and I have personally opted out of the medications. I would rather have good and bad days than be constantly numb. So I give you Callow – in my way.

Listen to it here or on your favorite streaming platform.

Let us burn

Another year has passed and the world is still in a pandemic state. Over and over again man has shown his stupidity and inability to care for anyone but himself. With blindfolds and selfishness we progresses through everyday life. If there was a god, he has left us by now.

This is Cibola’s third EP during the pandemic years and the gloomiest of the three releases. The darkness has spread over the world and everything feels hopeless and out of salvation. Let us burn.

© Cibola 2022.

1. The Circle : Arise
2. Deny, Ignore, Forget
3. Worldeater
4. Abaddon

Cibola: Toni Åkerman

Guitar solos: Peter Hedlin
Drums: David Lanas

Mixed and mastered by Francesco Petrelli
Cover art by Abstract Chaos