I dig deep into Cibola’s foundations with a new cover song. This is a tribute to the music I love interpreted in my own way. I hope you dig it! Listen to my version of a Misfits classic – Skulls.

Welcome to the world of cibola!

In the year 2020 the world is infected with a deadly virus. Thousands of new infected are reported every day. The mental state among the population is deteriorating and more and more people are falling into depression. In all of this Cibola is trying to survive and the ep .DOWNFALL. was born out of the chaos and is now unleashed into this distorted world.

© Cibola 2020.

1. Split
2. Still Bleeding
3. Veer*
4. Centre of the Storm*

Cibola: Toni Åkerman

*Solo: Peter Hedlin
Drums: David Lanas

Mixed and mastered by Francesco Petrelli
Cover art by Morket Art